It's been a decade since I gardened, other than a few tomato plants on the front porch, year before last. I know, I know, it's hardly primal and this isn't exactly hunting and gathering (OK, well, a lot of gathering), but we like organic veggies, belong to a CSA, shop the organic section of our local market, and it finally just made sense to get back into it myself. We were part of the back to the land movement in the 70s (yes, I'm old, why do you ask??), and I gardened for years after we moved back to town. One thing and another got in my way, and I hadn't, for ages.

This feels GREAT. I know where the food comes from, it's not shipped 1500 miles, it's not weeks old, I KNOW it's organic, and other than effort and the cost of plants and seeds, it's free.

Anybody else gardening out there?

(Hey, it's exercise, too...I lift heavy things, I walk a lot more...and life is good.)