I am so nervous to even start this lifestyle but here I am, ready to do something, even if its not 100% correct. Little background on me, I am 41, married, 4 kids, 2 grandkids, the whole wonderful life thing. I am 5'5 and currently 142.6 pounds. I did 4 complete rounds of HCG since March 2011 and went from 165 to 127 in the first 2 rounds. I stabilized perfect and had no issues staying between 127-130 until I had surgery late last year. This surgery was elective (a boob job as a reward for losing almost 40 pounds) and didnt go well and resulted in 4 more surgeries to finally make things perfect, last surgery was May of this year. I went from 127 to 151 in 8 months. I just did another round of HCG and lost 9 pounds but I am done with the whole limited foods, limited amounts and either starving physically or mentally. So here I am. I am not a stranger to avoiding all grains or real sugar. I used to use about 2.5 pounds of real sugar in my coffee every week before I started doing HCG. I havent used real sugar in anything since March 16, 2011. Although I am addicted to splenda, truvia and stevia now. I am really confused if I can continue with using any of thos products in my coffee or ice tea? I also love heavy whipping cream or coconut milk in my coffee. So I am still researching what I can and cant do but its one day at a time I guess. So here is to a new lifestyle.