After college, I have been on a roller coaster of weight gain and loss. I grew up in a SAD with more of a focus on junk food. My mom was a enabler for bad eating habits. I was fairly active and I left college at 5'9" 170. Over the years I have climbed up as high as 215 and down to 189 currently. I flirted with 175 several times over that 20+ years of time, but never lower.

My weight loss started with Atkins and for anyone who read the book knows the way of life as far as food is concerned is quite similar in many ways. I remember how I lost weight effortlessly and how good I felt. I remember people saying I was crazy. I remember watching people make fun of the "diet"/way of life especially on my favorite TV show Arrested Development. I remember the agriculture secretary for CA saying on ABC news how she couldn't understand how Atkins didn't allow people to eat apples....I screamed at the TV "the book never stated that."

But, I remember the cheats for me...uhg. A piece of pizza here or McDonalds there. Or how I would get a cup and fill it with half diet and half regular coke thinking it was mostly diet. Or during cards night thinking "Oh what the heck" I will eat those chips and re-start tomorrow. I LOVE CHIPS. I know that stuff will kill me.

Hopefully, my head is in a better place now. Everywhere I look, I see fat people. I work for a health insurance company and I see fat people. I thought 20lbs overweight was "OK", but I know it is not. I know it is not. I love this site and the wonderfull information on here. I admit I wash my face with that stuff rocks.

I just can't cheat. I have history on my side to show me why. It has sunk in. I was on vacation reccently traveling by car and we stopped at McDonalds often. A grilled chicken salad and water was very satisfying. I would have never ordered that....never. I walk barefoot everyday (not sure what I will do in the winter). My feet feel fantastic, but I have to admit walking on asphalt is very hard. Who decided to add little pebbles to road surfaces? Good lord those take a while to get use to. I also started taking ice baths and I have to admit I sleep better. I use to only sleep 5 hrs a night and now I added an hour and I don't feel tired in the afternoon.

I am not in a hurry to get to my goal of 165, so I plod along. Next up is some sprinting.