I haven't participated on the MDA forum in quite a long time. I've considered myself 'primal' for two or three years now, but my commitment is lacking. I realistically run 60-70%, rather than 80%, so I've never achieved a look to truly be proud of. After going primal, I managed to drop about 20 pounds, and then have gained back 5 of that and have managed to maintain that level for a couple of years. I don't think it looks bad on me, but am still not pleased when I see photos of myself.
Here are my stats:

47.5 years
5'5" - 5'4.5" in my typical slouch
160 pounds give or take - that was as of last Thursday morning, July 12

When I look around at people my age, I think I don't look too bad. But I miss that leaner look - especially in my face, when I look at photos of me before the age of 30. And anyway, who wants to use the sorry chubby-fat people in my age range as a gauge?

So...I'm on day 5 of a fast. Weight this morning was 151.8. I'm feeling worse today than I've felt the previous 4 days, so I'm not going to write much more right now. I do want to fill this journal in with how I decided to do this and my account of the last 4 days - later.