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Thread: Primal group West LA?

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    Hi, I was told that there are some meetup groups on this site. Is there any in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica area? Ive read Primal Blueprint and have been living Paleo for about 30 days and would love to get together with like minded people

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    My Husband and I are in Westwood. We're trying to plan a Primal Meetup for the summer!

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    I could make it on a weekend with a little notice. I don't live in WLA anymore, but I sure miss it and get down there all the time. I think meeting at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market (Saturday or Sunday) and going to that park in the marina (Chase?) with the grills for a primal cookout would be fun. Playa Del Rey has a beach a couple miles further down with fire pits for cooking too. Maybe Mark would run by. Oh yeah, he doesn't do that anymore. Maybe he would stomp by with a couple 5 gallon water jugs.

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    There is a longer thread on this here....I know its all of LA & not just the westside, but I have a feeling we will have more luck with a meetup if we include the whole area. Look forward to meeting you guys soon!

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