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Thread: Hello from Cleveland!

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    There are a few Ohioans around - me included, although I am close to three hours south, off towards the PA/WV border area. I get to Cleveland cause I have a daughter who uses the Clinic a lot.

    Re the fatty meat thing - quality meat will definitely be yummier than regular CAFO stuff, and make eating real, whole food easier. Get used to the good stuff, then buy some cheap chicken and beef again just to compare flavor... It will be an eye opener, for sure.

    And don't get hung up on the numbers so early in the game - right now it is about relearning nutrition, weaning the mind and body off SAD food, retraining the taste buds, doing the kitchen clean-up, getting fat-adapted... there will be plenty of time for that later as you near your goals and begin to tweak the Primal so it serves your metabolism and goals best. Welcome here!

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    Hi I'm Jimm, I'm from the Cleveland area. Actually I work in Cleveland (CWRU) but live in Geauga county, which tells you that I spend about 12 hours a week in a car. To entertain myself in the car I listen to lectures either from the school, podcasts or MP3s that I make from Youtube videos and play on my iThingy.

    Like most people I struggle with weight and have about a 30lb swing. I'm fortunate in that I have moved the swing from 205-235 down to 175-205. I waste time and money at the campus gym where I mostly run on an elliptical trainer or sometimes I just get a "recovery power shake" and sit in the sauna and cry over life in Cleveland, snow and slush.

    My greatest weight loss tool has been dietary ketosis. As a research tech in a molecular biology lab that studies Cystic Fibrosis, I've come to love nutrition and metabolic research and my boss has graciously let me run with that ball as much as I want. Once I understood what I once knew what was going on biochemically (as opposed to just books by Atkins), it was easy for me to carry through and not slip up dietary efforts. I love ketosis. I have energy and feel light and otherwise feel sluggish and fatigued.

    So during this winter of discontent (as every winter) I am slogging through the weather and losing weight with ketosis. I have also found that I end up being much more dedicated to my diet when I reinforce what I'm doing through reading, so I ended up reading the atkins books about 5 times just to keep reminding myself what I was doing. But quite frankly I had found the online communities kind of lame and not up to my level of knowledge.

    I've finally seen enough "paleo diet" books at the books stores to look into it and hopefully gain new encouragement. I thought it was nothing really new as I have scores of diet books and have seen many variations of this. In the 70s there was the "Garden of Eden Diet" and people have been complaining about processed foods since the invention of the Ball Jar (or was it Mason- it's always the damn Masons!). Well, now if you say "Garden of Eden", 200 of your idiot Facebook friends will plaster your "wall" with quotes by and cheesy pictures of Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson. OK, I personally don't think the Bible contradicts science, but- whatever- that's for another Forum. "Primal/Paleo" it is. Tarzan is, after all, my favorite literary character. I'm also a huge fan of G. Gordon Liddy, speaking of fictional literary characters. I learned from him 20 years ago: "We are upper-Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers and should eat and act like it!" Liddy as forerunner to Sisson- who knew?

    I started doing searches on Youtube for the ol' commute and found Doug McGuff. Doug's original 21Convention talk knocked me out! That man is a Philosopher King! I literally listened to it over a dozen times in a row over several days. Then I listened to his "fitness health and liberty" and relived the experience of the first lecture.

    Of course I needed to investigate everyone he talked about (and then everyone THEY talked about), so now my ithingy is loaded with gigs and gigs of Mark Sisson, Robert Lustig, Loren Cordain, Eric Westman, Denise Minger, etc etc. I had read the Michael Pollan books and I agree with everything he says, but people like Pollan, and Kelly Brownell raise my hackles a bit. They are on a mission to beat up "evil corporations" and tend to forget to keep bringing up the complicity of the federal government (at least not to the level I desire). I don't disagree with them but they can go hang out on NPR. I don't need Andrew Weil and Oprah, either. Mark and Doug's apolitical but philosophical libertarianism drew me in. I tried to listen to exercise people like Art Devany and Drew Baye, but just couldn't get into it. Listening to people talk about exercise is like listening to people talk about their deer hunting or Dungeons and Dragons adventures (and I am a veteran of both!). But it still makes me want to drink bleach.

    Funnily enough- Mark is the only one that raised 100 red flags with me: "Wait a minute..."
    "He started with an olympic-level body?
    He has a house in Malibu and he's trademarking words and phrases? What is he Selling?
    He's WAY too polished on TV. He's a salesman!
    Oh, he gives you 6 books for free to start off?
    Oh, he has 1000s of pages on his website free for my perusal?
    Oh, he's actually really well-spoken, not to mention funny as hell and is rather well-centered and humble?

    I did my due-diligence and listened to and read everything I could and he (and this community as I previewed) really won me over.
    Mark's 21Convetion talk is now my favorite non-science talk on my iThingy. Lustig is kicking my butt with the Fructose science.
    So, Geez, Mark can I just send you 100 bucks? I know all of California is taking a bath in taxes out there!

    I also listen to plenty of dissenters and critics to these people. I also listen to Dean Ornish and Vegan body builders. I don't want to be a COMPLETE sycophant!

    But I'm in! This will become my daily source of inspiration at least until I can set up my garden. If I am on the computer that means I am not outside and therefore surly. If nothing else I think I have figured out that my nightly heart-pounding "panic attack" is from dietary indiscretion.

    OK to wrap up questions from the "Obligatory Thread":

    Your location: Cleveland and very often New Orleans

    Age (If you want): 39

    How Primal are you: I'm primal Curious.
    Somewhere between Tarzan and Arthur "My Word-an ape!" Treacher.
    That is, presently I avoid processed foods as much as is convenient-no boxes, jars or cans of food. I am from the South and I will die before giving up cheezy grits! I will push this 80/20 thing all the way to ...well, 80/20 i guess.

    Do you consume dairy: Yes. Like Mark, I have always put whipping cream into my coffee. Noosa Yoghurt is like sex with teen-aged girls (legal).

    Do you drink coffee or tea: I like my coffee like my women- hot and all over my lap while I'm trying to drive. Lots of tea, yes.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: want to get energy, lose "slug-life"; meeting girls with advanced core strength and upper body strength superior to my own.

    Favorite exercise: Get Drunk, fall down (Man, you're burning up all of my favorite jokes)

    Favorite Primal food: I love all food, even the garbage.

    Best part about being Primal: Screaming into the night. Dragging her to the top of the tree and throw sticks at anyone who comes too close.

    Worst part about being Primal: I sure have tender footsies, to tell you the truth. I can run with a squirrel in my mouth but I have to slow way down when I get to the gravel driveway.

    Primal Past, Present, caveats & Future:
    As the only child in a two-farm family, my father had the strength and size of a lowland Gorilla. Even today his watch falls almost to my elbow.
    My mother's brothers were 6'3 & 6'5 and most of that family were quite tall. Since I was a giant, hulking hairy mass in 5th grade, they assumed that I would be around 6'5 and built like my father, taking up square acreage. And they fed me accordingly. As a bonus they fed me ADC-Welfare foods, which were mostly powdered milk and blocks of cheese the size of a shoe box. As it turns out, habits and nutritional development in youth will pattern metabolism in adulthood. I guess we will see how far epigenetics can unravel it.

    We then progressed to my new philosophical assertions that reading Elric books while eating corn chips and listening to Iron Maiden was a FINE exercise and any chick who didn't like that could take a walk! Dad had the farm secrets but he didn't share them with me. But I have the tools!

    Found one!
    My wife is employed by the largest wine & beer wholesaler in the state and travels to Bordeaux a couple times a year to make buying trips.
    A large percentage of our social life is based around high-falutin' restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky and New Orleans. These nicer restaurants actually have the best paleo options. They take great care to source perfect meats and often grow the rest of the plate in the yard outside the restaurant. But I could kill a man right now for a fried oyster po-boy on white crusty bread with remulade.

    I will never give up any food (could get really close to grains, sugar and soy) and push everything else into the 80/20 rule.

    Physically I have the upper body "strength of one small boy... with polio." ~Woody Allen. I will be 40 in November and would be happy to climb a rope by then. But I may have asked for too much.

    So it looks like most of my questions will already have been answered somewhere in these giant forums. I may have to go read everything at The Ketogenic Diet for Health (the first of many awesome sources I found within moments on this forum) before I come back here. So I will mainly lurk for a bit, lest I post redundantly. Most of my questions will be biochemical in nature.

    Lastly for the science geeks, I was instructed by and have minorly collaborated with Richard Hanson, inventor of the PEPCK-cmus mouse. Look it up if you don't know it or google "Richard Hanson Super Mouse" you get about 1,330,000 results. If you see the treadmill video- that treadmill is my responsibility now.
    You can see the limited extent of my scientific involvement via my Linkedin link in my profile.

    I have no idea how this could interest anyone or not seem a wee bit self-indulgent, but the introduction seems to be a big thing here.

    I'm glad to have wandered in.

    Hey thanks,
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