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Thread: Anyone eat cooked meat but mostly raw veggies/fruit and no dairy?

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    Anyone eat cooked meat but mostly raw veggies/fruit and no dairy?

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    I'm thinking about experimenting with this and didn't know if anyone had tried this and what the results were. I've seen a few posters from a year ago that claimed to have done this with good results (TigerLily?). I'm wondering if incorporating more fruit will cause my blood sugar to get out of whack, but I guess that's part of the experiment.

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    I do it, but I don't eat fruit everyday and if I do, I only eat 1 or 2 peaches.
    It's only 2 weeks that I've gone primal for good and I have already lost 6 kgs and I feel fantastic!!!

    The only thing is that sometimes I forget to add fat, 'cause fresh, seasonal vegetables are so delicious on their own.

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    I'm eating a ketogenic diet, so my meals basically include ground beef, steak, or eggs cooked, with raw spinach as the side. No fruits.

    Feel great, tons of energy.

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    Actually I'm considering doing this in reverse

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