Okay...so I am 212 and wanting to lose this last 15 pounds of fat and put on some muscle, so I am adopting the LeanGains approach. After researching for most of the weekend, I came to the conclusion that on workout days (for me MWF) I should be eating 2800 calories with somewhere in the neighborhood of 55% coming from carbs (350g), 30% coming from protein (212g), and 15% from fat (42g).

My question for all you LeanGainers out there is how the heck do you hit your carb numbers? I've put in the food I plan to eat for the day into LoseIt and am coming in at 160 g of carbs and 81 g of protein. That doesn't yet include dinner, but I am wondering how I'd be able to get another 1600 calories out of one meal. I think the issue is that I've way underestimated the amount that I should be eating during my eating window on workout days.

Any insights/help would be appreciated! Thank you!