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Thread: Just getting started in Primal

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    Just getting started in Primal

    Finally getting in to Primal now. I promised myself for over a year that I'd do it, but for various reasons, I'm finally getting to it. I'm still learning, but I managed to cut out most of the sugar and grains from my diet anyway before I started this.

    By day I'm a professional hacker, so that means junk food (though my company has been getting us healthier options, woo!), lots of caffeine, and lots of fun. By night, I'm a student.

    I started Primal because I got tired of looking in the mirror and being disgusted with what I saw looking back. It's been only a couple of weeks and I've dropped roughly 10 lbs. Looking forward to more loss. For the most part, Primal makes sense to me. So I'm not entirely primal, I still enjoy a glass of milk occasionally, of course butter, which is a dairy, but I've cut out a lot of sugar and other things, and like I said, I'm still learning and trying to cut out more things. I'm looking for options to replace rice. I think rice and mashed potatoes are going to be the hardest ones for me.
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