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    Nutrition for the very active....VERY active person

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    How does frequency of eating and calorie type change?

    I'm ramping up to a really high level of fitness right now. I am thinking that more frequent eating will be necessary, and I am thinking lots of carbs in the form of fruits and roots. I am used to eating all my protein at the end of the day in pound-size servings. I haven't figured out how I might split up my protein intake. Fat? I'm thinking I'll split that up too since I want quicker digestion, and fat causes coagulation in the digestive when you also have carb and protein vying to be broken down.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I've also been a lot more active. Working out every day, etc. What I've done is let the reigns go for now, and eat when I feel like eating when I feel like eating it. I still fast for the most part for my 10 hours at work, but I might eat before and after. I still have my meat and fat and greens, etc. in one huge meal, but when I get home from work, I'll often inhale two or three bananas and a can of salmon or oysters. I'm not mixing too much fat and carb in any given meal. It's working for me, still getting more definition in the midline of my abs and adding muscle - but I admit I do crave food more often now that I'm technically off the 22-ish hour daily fasts.

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    Any more thoughts? Keep in mind I am aiming for max performance instead of best body composition.

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    Well, I just went shopping for some people hiking 3000 miles this summer. I bought 52 poptarts and two jars of peanut butter and a whole lot of other sickening crap. But seriously, Chacotaco seems to be pretty active and he eats lots of sweet potatoes. You might go find his food porn thread in the recipe forum. Great meal ideas there, although he doesn't show pictures of his really un-Primal things like ice cream binges and stuff. His photos are great though.
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    my wife and i are very, very active, and eat plenty of sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice, bananas and other fruit on a regular basis. we also definitely break it up in to 3 meals a day, and sometimes a 4th. and for about 4 months now, we've been doing an alternating high carb/low carb schedule. one day high, the next day low. the higher carb days are a lot lower in fat, and the lower carb days are a lot higher in fat. protein remains relatively constant. the low carb was drastically compromising out performance, and too many carbs daily was bumping up the bodyfat. alternating the carb days seems to be a perfect balance of everything for us.

    for max performance, i'd honestly say to eat 3-4 meals a day and probably have some carbs with most of those meals. do you care to be more specific with your actual activities and the times you do them? maybe your body composition too? that way i could be al ittle more specific with recommendations

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    Nothing wrong with rice, fruit, sweet potatoes etc if you are marathoning to keep your calories up.
    Cordian has a book The Paleo Diet for Athletes that might be worth a look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiltondeportes View Post
    Any more thoughts? Keep in mind I am aiming for max performance instead of best body composition.
    Depends on your activitis and why your training? Wanna let us know? "High level of fitness" is pretty vague.

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    What are you currently doing for activity? I am extremely active, and do a lot of rock climbing, weight lifting and crossfit-like workouts and do fine on 2-3 meals a day, with the occasional 1 meal day.

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    We're talking swimming and running every day. Pushups, situps, squats, pullups throughout the day. One armed/legged varieties when possible. At some point, I'll change it up with climbing exercises and maybe some makeshift "heavy explosion" type stuff like log carries or tractor tire exercises.

    I'm doing the running, swimming, pushups, and squats right now and building up to longer workouts and additions like the other exercises I mentioned. This is the first time in two weeks that I've been able to 'control' my diet. I definitely feel the need for carbs, but I don't want to keep up the crap food I had to eat while with relatives, etc. I'm thinking a primal food transition from grain products to roots and fruits. Also, I wonder how this will change as exercise gets heavier.
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    To add another element to this, anyone have advice when training this hard? Any small tips that might help me out? My theory is basically to just do everything a lot. (grease the groove, Herschel Walker stories, etc are my inspirations)

    To the poster that asked my body composition: I would say I'm built a little like Mark Wahlberg only with maybe longer proportions and not quite the guns (yet!) (just watched Contraband and Ted)

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