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Thread: One fit cripple

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    One fit cripple

    Hi kids.

    My name is Erik, I'm 28 years old and a grok in training from Sacramento, California. I was born with a mild case of muscular dystrophy which is a challenge to deal with but is thankfully non-degenerative. I was raised to believe that I couldn't build muscle and I let my condition become the easy excuse for inactivity. When I hit junior high the weight gain started and I hit my highest weight this last summer. 190 pounds at 5'7" with around 30% body fat. I had gone back and forth on weight loss and finally I decided to take my life back. I did the usual first steps...cut out soda, candy, fast food. I drank lots of water and got my weight down to 170. Training then came in to play and started working out twice a week. Then I hit the plateau. A friend of mine brought the Primal Blueprint to my attention and I devoured it. All of Mark's philosophies really hit home for me and the weight started falling off again. I dropped 45 pounds in 5 months and started building muscle for the first time in my life.

    Starting weight (11/18/2011) : 190, 30% body fat
    Today (7/15/2012) : 143, 15.5% body fat
    My goal : 8% body fat by 11/18/ 30th birthday!

    I moved back home from an out of state job and have been struggling with staying consistent with my eating. My sister getting married, the state fair and the 4th surely didn't make it easy! I'm starting this journal to keep myself honest and meet some other like minded folks.
    Let's do this!
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