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Thread: Primal Blogs - What do you love/hate? What's missing?

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    Question Primal Blogs - What do you love/hate? What's missing?

    There are a ton of great Primal blogs out there. Since going primal I've been thinking about starting up a blog, both to help me gather and clarify what I'm learning, but also serve as a resource for others. However, before I go starting up Yet Another Primal Blog, wanted to get some feedback...

    So would love your thoughts on the Primal/Paleo blogosphere. Here are a few questions to spark some feedback (don't feel obligated to answer them all, anything is appreciated). I want this to be a resource that serves the Primal community.

    When it comes to Primal/Paleo/Wellness Blogs...
    • What's working? What do you Love?
    • What's not working? What do you dislike?
    • What do you really wish there was more focus on?
    • What does there need to be less of?
    • What are your fave primal, wellness, fitness, etc blogs?
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