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Thread: Blood Work Success

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    Blood Work Success

    Back about 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes after having a fasting BS of 142 and an A1C of 6.5. Not terrible numbers on the A1C with 6.5 being the diagnosis threshold but likely scewed by the fact that I had been eating primal MDA style for about a year and had made numerous health improvements during that time. It had been a long time since I had been to the doctor so based on a number of things, I likely had been T2 for a few years.

    Fast forward to getting by new lab results back after these 6 months and pulled a 98 fasting bs and a 5.3 A1C. Both in normal range though the fasting is at the tail end of that. Still, I am incredibly pleased. Was never prescribed nor took any meds, just basically strict adherence to the primal plan and lowering my carb intake from 125-150 to 30-50 per day ala Bernstein. Amazing the difference that made considering those previous carb levels were mostly fruit and dairy. Again, I ate a pretty solid MDA style plan, and I feel it helped a ton, keeping my health from really being a wreck but once I got the carb levels down the bs dropped and has stayed within normal ranges.

    Lipid panel was solid too with a total cholesterol level of 184 and HDL of 52-so that's something I can feel positive about as well. First lipid panel since going primal and as many know, it's something you worry about the first time with the way we eat. CW preys on the mind about it until you know the results, at least it did me, especially with the T2 diagnosis.

    Really appreciate this forum and the contributions that you all make here. It's a very scary thing at first, but seeing the success so many here had really made a huge difference in how I approached this and getting things in line. I felt educated from the start and didn't have to go looking for a lot of answers, though I have tirelessly researched to see what else was out there. Lot of very inspirational people to draw from and put things into the proper perspective. Thanks again.
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