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Thread: Gluten free bread? Your thoughts?

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    You can make Paleo bread with very simple ingredients. I once made pancakes using almond butter several years ago and they were amazing!

    When I gave up gluten 7 years ago, I fell into the "gluten free everything" trap. It was a good bridge, but I developed sensitivities to rice and potatoes as well over time.

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    I had these gluten-free cookies at a bakery recently that were amazing. They were based in tapioca and rice flour I recall, although there were lesser ingredients too. Sugar of course too. Delicious.

    In case anyone doesn't know, tapioca flour comes from cassava root. Is eating flour good? Not as good as a 'whole food', but I think the two main things are its stickiness to teeth and possible blood sugar spikes. That's about it as far as I know if it comes from a source devoid of annoying proteins or low level poisons.

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    Gluten free bread? Your thoughts?

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    I like gluten-free bagels – they’re made of rice flour. They’re not the same as regular bagels, but not too bad. Most gluten-free bread is made from corn or oats but I don’t particularly like any of them. But it’s good to know you can have something similar to bread once in a while. I have tasted gluten-free bread made from brown rice flour, wholegrain sorghum flour and garbanzo bean flour. It was flavored with cinnamon and raisins so it tasted pretty good. Like someone here said though, who needs bread when you’ve got meat!
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