Long time reader, first time poster..

My husband and I have been primal since the end of May, and we LOVE it! We feel great, I'm losing weight I wanted to lose (15lb so far, yay! 10 more and I'll hit my lowest weight since having kids. 10 more after that and I'll weigh what I did as a teenager! Trying to lose somewhat slowly though since I'm still nursing our youngest)..

The problem is that he's losing weight too. My husband is one of those guys who has always been extremely thin, no matter what he eats. It runs in his family. Since going primal, he's down to 162lb, at 6'7". Pretty darn underweight! He doesn't want to be this skinny.

Working out has never helped him bulk up in the past (he's tried everything to try to gain weight at some point or another!), but I suppose he could give that another shot? I think we also just need to make sure he eats more/enough, which is hard when you feel so sated all the time! He does forget to eat sometimes.

I'm always encouraging him to put a little more butter on his food, not cut the fat off his steak, etc, but he's never really had a strong inclination toward really rich food so that's hard too. We've also been having him eat more carbs than me (he has a bowl of puffed rice with pastured half & half almost every night before bed, eats a lot more bananas and various tubers, he even chows down on potato chips made with avocado oil...).

Do you guys have any other suggestions for him?