Hello everyone!

I've been reading MDA for a few months, but just decided to register for the forum. I've been eating somewhat Paleo/Primal before I knew it had a name. I realized I was gluten intolerant back in 2005, I stopped eating grains two years later, I NEVER liked beans, etc. I still have a hard time "cheating", with sugar, dairy (especially cream) and some grains.

I'm seeing a Natropathic Doctor for my Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed in early 2009) and he's putting me on a strict Paleo diet. I know I'm going to need some support. I also want to lose the last 10 lbs that I've struggled with for years since I lost the first 50 six years ago. I also have PCOS so weight has always been a struggle since adulthood.

As of Sunday, I'm going to track what I eat. Thanks in advance for your support!