My body benefits greatly from being barefoot. My feet have assymetrical arches (one high, one low), and I have noticed that going barefoot as much as possible is helping to fix this problem. I had an old job where I was allowed to wear my "Kung-Fu" Slippers which I found to simulate barefootedness quite well (flat, ultra-thin, hard rubber sole).

However, now I must work at a new job in a factory for better pay/hours. Boots or tennis shoes only. I bought a pair of flat soled Converse Chuck Taylor rip-offs. They worked well at first but as days went by I noticed my feet and gait reverting back to their old ways. It seems as if the soft bottom on the shoes is breaking in with my feet and allowing my body to use its old motor-patterns as a crutch.

So, I'm too poor to buy expensive minimalist shoes, cheap slippers do the job for me but are unable to be worn for ten hours out of my day where I am standing, and I have several pairs of old sneakers I threw in storage from when I decided to go barefoot.

Solution: Resole my own shoes with thin, flat, hard rubber or leather (no heel or upward curling toes). Must be hard enough so that it doesn't break in, at least much, with my feet.

Anybody have comments on materials, process, or sources? I don't have a clue where to start and this thread could be seriously helpful for us poor college kids trying to go primal without breaking the bank.

Thank you.