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Thread: Running, energy, calories and carbs. Please help me sort this out.

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    Running, energy, calories and carbs. Please help me sort this out.

    Hello, please help me make this work.
    Background, I've been living a 95% Primal lifestyle for over a year. Recently (maybe two months ago) I started jogging 2.5 to 3.5 mi. at 5.6 m.p.h. speed 5 days a week. I also incorporate come upper body and core strength exercises.

    I am female, 34 yo 5' 3", about 128 lbs currently (I suspect my real weight is a few lbs. less as I'm retaining a lot of fluid lately).

    I consume the thereabouts of 1500 kCalories daily and my carbs are less than 100g. Most days 60 - 80g.

    My objective is to lower my BF percentage and to look healthy and toned. Could care less about what the scale says.

    My questions/concerns are the following:

    Why is that after a day of come junk carb eating (2 days ago) I had so much more energy and stamina at the gym? I know I'm fat adapted. I have also read Mark's article on that.

    Why am I not seeing results after exercising a lot and creating the calorie deficit all this time? I get the feeling that I'm getting bigger, and it's starting to alarm me. Granted, I have some summer heat bloat. The initial "heavy or new" exercise muscle micro tears and fluid retention that most people experience should have been gone by now, I'd think.

    What calorie/macronutrient range you would recommend for someone like me?

    Thank you all in advance.
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