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Thread: When having a treat can turn into a bad idea

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    When having a treat can turn into a bad idea

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    So - thought today I would treat myself to a few chocolate biscuits. What a mistake! A few hours later and I've got bloating, a headache and feel really lazy and tired.

    Same happened a few weeks back. I had some Ben & Jerry's and for the rest of the week I had massive sugar cravings, mood was up and down, headaches, dreadful gym sessions... I just wanted more sugar and ended up lasted a couple of days.

    I don't think all the rubbish ingredients help either - a friend brought in some home made chocolate shortbread, I only had 2 pieces but it tasted great and it was enough, I didn't have a craving for more. Just shows how the additives they add (plus that extra sugar) to food make you eat more.

    It's not until you eat something that isn't paleo/primal friendly that you notice just how much better you feel eating the way we do.

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    Yeah but chocolate biscuits taste soooooo good!

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    I noticed this too, when I had pizza and ice cream a month ago I remember right after my body totally wanted more sugar, pretty interesting how the body works. I just bitched out my brain and said "no"

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    Next time just go for the dark chocolate.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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