I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. First time posting but lurking a long time now. I've been eating primal for about two years now (with many falls I might add) but am finally getting into it fully now. Just one issue I have is that of exercise. I am wondering how relevant weight training is to cave women as opposed to their male counterparts. I mean surely the role of women in cave man days was to bear children and tend to their needs. Sure they gathered food but the job of hunting was mainly for men. Our bodies are completely different to men's bodies with much more fat that all helps with fertility and carrying a healthy child. Women would probably have been pregnant from their first periods age maybe 14-17 back then. So they'd have children and breast feed for the rest of their child bearing days. Wouldn't this mean we just aren't supposed to do the same amount of weight training and/or sprinting as men?

My husband has a much easier time going primal than me, even though I am the one completely immersing myself in primal life rather than him. He doesn't have to deal with monthly cravings or incredible menstrual cramps that can leave me confined to the sofa for two days.

But really my question is of Primal Blueprint's idea of a cave woman. Is it not obvious that women's roles and men's roles in those times were so different from one another. That our bodies were built with different roles in mind and yet we are to follow the same plan and expect the same results as men?

Am I making sense? Anyone have anything to say on this matter?