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Thread: What is this vegetable?

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    Ok, giardia, right. I've had it overseas before, couple of times. But deer, or any ruminant drinkin water & pooping in/around upstream water or a spring, can introduce it, not just cattle. Hence getting it out in the wild, ie the connection to wild unwashed watercress... No worries, likely never get it that way, but if you or anyone did, we fortunately have access to varied ways to kill giardia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nopie View Post
    I've had 3 on the list. Love garlic scabes. I'm always looking for new veggie to try

    Thanks for posting!
    I read that as "scabies". Doesn't sound tasty at all!

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    Looks like a gooseberry to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    ground cherry?
    +1. My grandmother used to grow them. I actually saw them at a farmer's market last summer and bought a container. Unfortunately, not quite ripe, so not as tasty as they should have been.

    Upon googling, I see ground cherries are also known as "Cape gooseberries", so I guess those saying "gooseberry" are right too!
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