Okay, I've been transitioning to full primal for the last 33 days - I'm not there yet, but only because I am still learning. Thank you, Mark, for your wisdom and common sense.
I can't believe it's only been a month because I feel like a million bucks already. I don't look like it yet, but I think at this point, I can say, it's inevitable... I don't say this to be conceited but this IS the best fitness gameplan on the planet and it is my second chance to live again and learn treat the body my Creator made for me with respect.

Here's me last year at about 190lbs
September 2011.jpg

Here's me today at 220 lbs (30 lbs less than when I started PB)...
July 17th 2012.jpg

I am finding myself frustrated at the responses I get when I tell folks about PB - almost always, "Oh, yeah, just like Atkins." Ugghh!!! I think my frustration is so great because I see the crap that folks are feeding themselves (food and information) and I want them to stop. Yeah, where was I a month ago? Same place as they are.
I have lots to say, and I do plan on adding to this thread as I progress, so I won't say it all in this post... =)
Words can't express my excitement as a travel down this primal road.
I do want to thank everyone who has posted to the forums here - you are all such an inspiration and I love the honesty here, so... thank you!!
Amy C.