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Thread: Serious Second Chance

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    I am trying to recreate myself with a new nickname here on the Apple, but before that happens I must post some progress pics and update...



    I am down to 210lbs now and I just cannot believe the difference. I was in a meeting at work a few days ago and I had to apologize about how disctracted I was with my legs - I was wearing short pants that day and when I glanced down at my calves during the meeting, well, they didn't look like my calves at all. They haven't been this thin in years and I had to keep touching them to make sure they were real.

    I finally found a grass feed beef and pastured pork dealer just two doors down from my husbands cafe, so I think I'm in heaven now. I am remembering what meat tasted like when I was a kid... yumminess.

    I am finding myself sprinting occasionally for no reason whatsoever except the fun of it. Well, that is IF my Komodo's are on my feet. =)

    I am almost through with the Primal Blueprint book and I must say - if you don't have a copy, you must get one and read it. All the info in the book was, I think, already scattered around my head in bits and pieces, but the way Mark lays it out just tied it all together for me. My eyes are definitely open now. I don't wanna be a Korg anymore...

    So much to say and so little time, but alas, I must get back to work.
    Take care all...

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    Wow! You're doing great and looking great!
    Height: 5' 10"
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    Here I am with my new forum nick.

    I just received the 90 day journal as a gift from a friend who is also eating primal now.
    It's so pretty, I am afraid to write in it and mess it up... ugghhh...

    So, I am not losing pounds like crazy as I was before and I am trying to remember not to be results oriented.
    I am, however, getting stronger and more flexible. It feels so good to be able to at least attempt a proper push up.
    SW 260 lbs
    CW 194 lbs as of February 13, 2013
    GW 150 lbs
    PB start date: June 16th, 2012

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