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Thread: What about....

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    What about....

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    ...tobacco? pot? are these things anti-primal?

    also, what about mineral water (e.g. pellegrino0?

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    Recreationally? Yes, it seems to violate every tenet of both paleolithic lifestyle, and the sensible adaptation of it. On the other hand, for non-recreational purposes, like celebratory tolking, spiritualist purposes, or medicinal, it's not, though it's still illegal. I don't think anybody disagrees with the idea Grok would've known one or two wild drugs that'd be consumed very infrequently. Considering the ease of making prison wine, it's possible for this to include everything from Coca or shrooms, to Ayahuscha, to low ABV drinks.

    And water naturally has minerals. Excessive purification eliminates them.

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