This I find very interesting.

I've been sort of curious to see thyroid status thrown up as the "last best hope" of those who really don't want to admit that excessive consumption of carbohydrate (particularly refined carbohydrate) is a problem. Frankly, there's so much evidence of so many different kinds suggesting that it is that one wonders how anyone could continue to deny the obvious. Actually, I rarely eat very low carb mysef, and don't particualrly care what the answer might be -- only for the truth. It's just find myself coming over all skeptical whenever I hear ... well, you know the people. One gentleman has gone to such lengths spinning out elaborate "ptolemaic epicycles" in order to keep justifying a broken and increasingly preposterous viewpont that I fear for his sanity.

I've wondered sometimes whether Dr. Cate was right when she said that perhaps people who keep finding excuses for high-cabohydrate eating, and supposed problems with low-carbohydrate diets, are actually addicted to carbohydrate. She said it as a joke, but one wonders ...

Anyway, here's Peter taling what sounds like a lot of sense of the thyroid:

Hyperlipid: Are you free, T3?