When I corrected my diet and got more primal (drop the cereal, reduce sugar, welcome coconut and goodbye scum) my body changed a bit but other changes were more important for me -and I'm not talking only about cellulite melting down but less infection better recovery from liver complications, less fog, diminished gut problems (though I'm still so working on it). So friends followed -some of them under whip menace and I have long whips).
One of my friends was slow to get on it, having bad times with pasta and bread, sweets and juices, but in time managed to loose weight and what's more important stay awake (he would sleep through dinners, and sometimes even all day, foggied and down). His brother -who was fighting long term depression and stress dissorders- was a lot more responding once he got into it. Maybe because he dropped e verything cold turkey -alcohol, grains, sugars, fruit, dairy and whatever processed food he was having previous to his challenge. He dropped something like 17 kg in less than three weeks, got lean and strong like magic -yeahy I hate him lol.
Their friends, all of them overweight/seriously overweight/obese got into harassing them, bullying cereals into their eating patterns because "carbs are good for you and sweet potatoes are not good enough" and having a "reunion" just to express their concerns because of them becoming anorexic. Every time my friends get wheat or too much sugar they just go depressed, gut disturbed, puffy faced and uneasy but this company of them just say it is because they grew unacustomed to "real food" (like light coke, juices, pasta and pizza).
Any of you ever dealt with things like this? My family goes my way when I make choices because they trust my judgement and see results, but this people even while touching with hand the benefits of staying clean is not only refractory but even hostile. This is causing stress to the guys so I'd like to know if someone has a better strategy than I do to deal with this situaltion.
I told them to bring their own dinner (sweet potatoes wrapped in bacon and steak strips) so their friends would see they eat their carbs and are not calory/nutrients short by any means, but this only sent the craw up the wall because "fat is bad for your system". They insisted on them taking clinical tests (they have become blood donnors and doctors congratulated them because of their shiny perfect results) and baffled by the outcome pretend to force some other more invasive further testing (they are out of their minds if they think a doctor will perform muscle biopsy on a healthy guy just because they think it might confirm who knows what).