I'm in my last week or two of pregnancy and suddenly my appetite has completely changed - I want VERY little protein and a ton of carbs. If I have any cravings, it is for carbs (not bad carbs necessarily - fruit will satisfy it).

Anyone know why this would be? I've been primal since my 2nd trimester and have had a healthy appetite for protein/fat up until now (I'd say I was getting 70-80g protein per day but could be slightly more depending on how many eggs I ate). But at this point, honestly, I can only take a little bit of meat/egg at a time without feeling completely full, but could eat an entire bowl of fruit like it's going out of style. I also have huge cravings for green vegetables - saute an entire bag of spinach, a whole bunch of kale, etc... and I will devour it. I really think my body needs what's in those leafy greens right now more than ever. Fat intake has remained about the same and I don't have an aversion or craving either way with it.

Anyone have guesses as to why my body has shifted into "Fill me up with carbs!!!!!!!" overdrive all of a sudden? I'm guessing there is some energy shifting needed as my body prepares to give birth?

Thanks for any insight .