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Thread: Minimalist lifestyle

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    Would not owning a car(out of pure choice) be considered minimalist? I love to walk everywhere and I actually like hauling groceries back. Plus, I save money. Seattle has a nice transit system for long distances.

    We also don't have a television or couch.
    I would love to do without a car. Huge money savings to be had. But where I live, outside of Houston, there is no mass transit system and what there is in Houston leaves a bit to be desired.

    Where I'm working in Egypt is a good bit out of Cairo and I have to have a car but if I lived in Cairo, it would be pretty easy to get around with the combination of buses, taxis and the subway.
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    It's not perfect, but I have a scooter. I commute 3.5 miles and my goal is to ultimately be able to bike in decent weather (bike needs fixing, can't afford it right now and am not fit enough to do it), but will likely use the scooter in Winter. The commute would be 2 hrs if I took public transit because I have to go the wrong way to get onto the right bus! The scooter gets almost 80 mpg (holding only one gallon), so it's very cheap and they are cheap to insure and maintain as well. That's about as minimalist as I can go for now.
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    The wife and I are planning to buy a house soon, and the area we're looking in is only a couple miles from my work. I am SO looking forward to being able to bike to work (Phoenix weather is hospitable to biking year round, as long as you are willing to sweat!) instead of a 20-minute car commute. We're hoping to get a place right near the light rail, so I'd have the option to do that if I'm feeling lazy too.
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    Work has bikes we can sign out. It works, but they're not really designed to help you carry things or go over sidewalks as much as work out, it seems.

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    I'm glad we have our car, but I would like to move back into the city so that A. we can walk to work rather than drive, park, then walk 20 minutes); B. be closer to DS's school (which means driving him to school because it's too far to walk and I'm not moving to suburbia over there); and C. i prefer to live in the city.

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