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Thread: Minimalist lifestyle

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    Minimalist lifestyle

    Back shortly after I read, and embraced, the primal lifestyle, I started on the journey on becoming a minimalist. To me it was a natural progression into becoming more primal. Now I'm not living in a cave and using a rock as a pillow but I have cut back on much of what I used to consider essential, it has simplified my life and I'm saving money because I have found out that the less that I have, the less that I need.

    From a primal standpoint, it makes sense to be a minimalist. If you have stopped embracing CW in what you eat, shop for, etc and if you are wearing minimalist shoes, like VFF, you have already started minimizing some areas in your life.

    As some on the forum have done, sleeping on the floor, going barefoot, not using a microwave has taken you either further down that path.

    It has become enough of an interest for me that I decided to start a FB group (I know, I know, not another FB group, please!) but if any of you are interested on focusing on that area, you are welcome to join the group.

    Here is the link:

    Minimalist group
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