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    I haven't tried it sorry! just ordered 5 litres of coconut oil off the net to be my butter substitute. I'm not sure how 'primal' you could class ghee because of all the processing involved. I know that some people who don't tollerate dairy very well can tolerate ghee. I'm not sure about the acne side of things though.

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    Interesting, myself and my friend who has gone primal in the past month or so have also experienced breakouts. Has anybody considered meat to be the issue? Especially if eating CAFO meat, there are plenty of toxins present in the fatty cuts... A diet high in saturated fat also stimulates the sebaceous glands, which eventually leads to clogged pores... Is it true that acne is the result of toxins leaving the body, or just bacteria that incidently gets trapped in the skin?

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    These are all very interesting considerations. Detoxing can definitely cause acne. I experienced surface acne when I first made the switch to paleo.

    I think acne can be a great indicator for anything that might be either in transition or out of what going on inside one's body. I could see a sudden increase in the ratio of O6:O3, or a general increase in saturated fats. Robb Wolf mentioned this reaction from some people who are a bit heavy on nut intake. Perhaps the acid balance issues that might result from lower alkaline intake could prompt some hormonal issues. Either way, it's an interesting lesson to take away.

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