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Thread: Weight and cardio training

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    Weight and cardio training

    Hey Y'all,

    I'm Damian, Dames for short.
    I am 18 years young,
    I weigh around 186 and I am 6 feet tall,
    I love to work out, I do every day.
    I currently work two jobs; one as a life guard and the other as a waiter at Red Lobster.
    I enjoy practically anything to do with the out doors. I absolutely love the country, but I'm stuck back in Houston.
    I never really tried dieting or changing how I consume things and I really would like to see more results for the amount of effort I am putting forth at the gym.
    I have never cared about what i put in my body, whatever is the easiest i guess is how i see it..

    I am on a workout plan;
    Monday - Chest and Triceps
    Tuesday - Abs and Cardio
    Wednesday - Back and Biceps
    Thursday - Abs and Cardio
    Friday - Legs and Shoulders
    Saturday - Abs and Cardio
    Sunday - Rest day.

    Before my workout I take;
    -BCAA's a 3:1:2 ratio by MusclePharm (Before and after)
    -Pre-workout- Bullnox Androrush
    -After workout- Pro Complex protein powder

    My Family is on this and they have all lost like 50 pounds each, none of them work out or anything and I just want to lose the unwanted fat and tone my muscles and look normal and not have that unwanted pudginess.

    I have heard being on a "Life style" like this really decreases you're energy when lifting or running.

    I would really like some information on this before I dive into this and just lose my muscle mass, and is it okay to continue with my supplements?

    I would really appreciate any information on this.


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