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Thread: May I get a few stats from this community?

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    May I get a few stats from this community?

    Hey guys!

    Just wondering if you could fill in some info, trying to get a sense of the first month of primal in terms of some data. All I want to know is:

    Starting weight:
    Weight after about one month:
    Goal weight:
    Age (if you want):

    This is just for some curiosity's sake, thanks to all who can post and help out.
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    "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco

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    Dec 2010
    You first
    Starting Date: Dec 18, 2010
    Starting Weight: 294 pounds
    Current Weight: 235 pounds
    Goal Weight: 195 pounds

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    Starting weight: 315
    Weight after about one month: (not there yet!)
    Goal weight: 220
    Height: 6'0"
    Gender: Male
    Age (if you want): 26

    "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco

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    Jun 2012
    Chicago, IL
    Starting weight: 340
    Weight after about one month: 316
    Goal weight:220
    Height: 6'
    Gender: ManBeast
    Age (if you want):35

    More details in my journal linked in my signature.
    My Primal Journal - Food, pics, the occasional rant, so...the usual.

    I love cooking. It's sexy science that you stuff in your face. - carlh

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    Jul 2012
    Fort Stewart, GA
    Starting weight: 177
    Weight after about one month: (Only been at it 1 week) 173
    Goal weight: 135
    Height: 5'2"
    Gender: F
    Age (if you want): 25


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    Sep 2010
    Starting weight: 186
    Weight after 1 month: 179
    Goal weight: Was about 150, lost more than that so now changing it to 125
    Height: 5'3''
    Gender: Female
    Age: 38
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Paleobird Guest
    Starting weight:210
    Went just generic "low carb" and lost 30 lbs in 5 months.
    Started Primal at 180
    Stalled and went nowhere for five months
    Limited calories and lost the last 35 in five months.
    Goal weight:145
    Age (if you want):50

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    Oct 2010
    Washington state
    Starting weight: 190 (official Primal starting weight, lost 20 before that.)
    Weight after about one month: 185
    Goal weight:170 - current weight 175, and adding muscle, so happy here now.
    Height: 5'9"
    Age (if you want): 30 now
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    Aug 2011
    QLD, Australia
    Starting weight: 84kg/185lbs
    Weight after about one month: 79kg/173lbs
    Goal weight: It says 60kg in my sig but I'm really quite happy at 63
    Height: 169cm/5'6"
    Gender: Female
    Age (if you want): 27
    Became Primal August 2011

    SW - 84kg / 185lb
    CW - 60kg / 132lb
    GW - 60kg / 132lb

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    Dec 2011
    Starting weight: 56kg
    Weight after about one month: 53kg (or thereabouts. I started by dropping sugar only. I didn't go primal for another 7 months)
    Goal weight: 45kg (currently 46kg, and happy with that)
    Height: 5ft
    Gender: female
    Age (if you want): 43

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