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Thread: Orange Lights for Apartment

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    Hi Guys,

    After reading mark's post on light and melatonin a few weeks ago, I've been toying with the idea of getting some new orange lightbulbs from (linked at the end of his post). I was wondering whether anyone here has tried the whole orange lightbulb thing though, and whether it's an annoying shift (for instance I'm not crazy about fluorescent light bulbs because they make everything look harsh). It's just a lot of money compared to normal lightbulbs...but if it helps without being completely unbearable I think I'd go for it.


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    I was of the understanding that bog standard lightbulbs gave an orangey-yellow glow, which was why for embroidery a family friend had to buy special "daylight" bulbs to see colours properly...?

    Buy one, stick it in a lamp and see how you go?

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