You know what I discovered? Calories count!! I stalled in Dec., and even gained 4-5 lbs. (on a very small frame), and I tried everything I could think of, cutting out nuts, leptin reset, IF, etc., and nothing helped. Then I discovered Leangains (I'd already been lifting heavy and IFing) which introduced me to carb cycling and forced me to take an honest look at the calories I was consuming, and to count them and plan for them. It's been only two weeks, and I've dropped 5 lbs. and more importantly, lost 2 inches on my belly, and have an almost flat tummy, and visible abs starting to form! Amazing! I just wanted to share this, because I bought into the whole "as long as I'm eating Paleo foods and lots of fat and low carbs, calories don't matter and there's no way I can gain fat", and based on my experience it's not true. Ladies, I am 47 years old, have 4 kids, and am losing belly fat, it can be done, but you have to track what you are eating honestly, and you cannot overeat, even good Paleo foods and fats. (Steps down from soapbox)