I have some questions, as I'm not really sure where to ask. Many of the candida forums are so focused on a low fat, vegetarian diet it's nauseating. My doc diagnosed me with candida overgrowth in my stomach, and gave me a diet list based on Doug Kaufmann's study. I do not eat any sugars, even the suggested fruits. I'm Primal/paleo already, and have celiac's disease.

I have been on the diet for one week, take nystatin for antifungal, as well as two antifungal natural supplements recommended by a nutritionist.

1. All foods bloat me all the time. is there anything to do to mitigate this even a little while I'm ridding myself of this plague?
2. My energy has gone into the ground, and my post nasal drip is intense. Does this fall into the die-off symptoms? They say flu-like symptoms, but I don't know that I have chills or anything. I'm wondering if the sudden decrease of carbs is the issue, or if it's the die-off...or both.
3. Gross question alert: does it show up in your elimination? I have read people say that it does, and others say that it is too minute to be seen with the naked eye.
4. Despite a week of low-carb and surprisingly low -- though within acceptable range (1400) -- calories, my body is holding onto weight as though it won't have another meal.

That's the start. I feel out of my ballgame, as I have never limited my food this much before. This makes Primal Living look EASY.

Daily diet:
1. AM: Coconut milk, coconut oil, 2 eggs, cinnamon, in a smoothie.
2. Snack: Raw macadamia nuts, 1 oz.
3. Lunch: bone broth with meat, zucchini, spinach, and chives. Spring mix salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.
4. Snack: if needed, more nuts or a serving a green beans with butter.
5. Dinner: red meat or fish with allowed seasonings, veggie mix as allowed or another salad.

Any thoughts or experiences shared are most appreciated and welcome.