I'm trying to lose body fat-bottom line.

I'm sixteen years old. 5'11, pushing six foot, and 210 pounds.

I've been eating primally for about 2-3 weeks. No wheat, industrial oils, PUFAs, etc.

I've maintained one principle- eat real food and you wont have a problem.

However, I've been on a ketogenic diet for the past two weeks. >50g carbs a day.

According to the scale, I've dropped 7 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks.
My lifts haven't gone down, either.

BUUUT, my main concern is that I may be setting myself up for failure by being restrictive about carbs. I occasionally eat a banana and don't stress it. My cravings are gone and I don't stress on fruit. Also, I have no desire to binge.
Should I Carb cycle, or wait until the body fat is gone to begin that?

I've apparently lost weight without affecting my lifts, but 7 lbs should have SOME impact on a 200 lb boy, right? I look the same and its really discouraging. I walk 5-7 hours a week on top of my 3 sessions of lifting. I dont sprint though.

Should I just stick to my routine of low carb -moderate carb, and wait for results? I know it hasn't been too long but its disheartening to see no difference at all after 3 weeks. I even think I look a bit fatter at times.

As far as calories go, maybe 1500-1700 a day. Am I being too restrictive on those
I feel great. But my abdominal fat says otherwise.