I'm the first to admit that I enjoy her debunkings of all the bogus studies that come down on red meat/paleo/primal/low carb/etc. However, I don't understand how she can eat what she eats and still thrive while doing the debunkings all at the same time lol.

I mean she is essentially a raw vegetarian foodist with some shellfish thrown in once or twice a week yet she says it's the best thing that ever happened to her. Is it different strokes for different folks? Will her health suffer in the end like many others? I would think she would have crazy blood sugar problems if the majority of her diet consists of fruit and veggies right?

It's just blowing my mind right now. I have to admit some days I just don't feel like all the meat/fat I'm supposed to eat, but I think that's probably the current pregnancy hormones talking. I'm still curious about Denise, though.