Question regarding minimalist shoes:

I'm a male, 195lb, and am a horrible runner but like to do a lot of walking (most days) for anywhere from 2 to 4 miles, and I also do CrossFit 2 times per week which almost always requires some sort of short distance running/jogging. Also, sometimes during my walks (usually at a local high school track), I will try jogging some.

Am looking for opinions from others who are on the bigger side, not great or longer distance runners, on how they've faired with any of the following:

New Balance MT20v2
Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

There is plenty of info/articles out there comparing these two but they are written from the perspective of those who run a lot and for long distance. I'm just a guy who is a bit bulkier than the typical runner, and I want these shoes to be my daily wear (I work from home) while also be able to do my long walks nightly, some jogging (a couple of miles max, which I will have to work up to), and also for CrossFit (where we typically do a minimum 400m run for warm-up, but often will have to do multiple rounds of 400m runs or, occasionally, an 800m or two).

Any bigger guys wearing these shoes?

Also: anyone wear these shoes with socks? Seems most don't, but I don't think I'd like wearing them barefoot.

One other thing: although I love the look of the Vibram Five Fingers, I do occasionally have to drive to the office and, while it's a casual dress environment, I would not be comfortable with the Five Fingers thing. So those aren't an option. Also, I have wide feet - in New Balance I typically wear a 4E, with Brooks I wear a half size up length and 2E.