I've been semi Primal for a couple months, but have not been serious about it until lately. I have about 10 last pounds I would like to lose(I lost the first 20 on a low fat SAD diet, but then it failed me and my weight loss stalled.) I am a 19 year old female who is 5'1 and I weigh anywhere between 135-140 pounds.

The past week and a half I have been eating around 77% of my calories from fat, about 15% from protein, and about 8% from carbs. I eat about 1500 cal a day. I do not eat starchy vegetables. The thing is though is that I LOVE fruit. Usually I'll eat one orange per day. That's it. I read on another forum that fruit pretty much stalls your weight loss. However, I've also read some say that they are able to eat fruit everyday and still lose weight. I realize that since I do not have that much weight left to lose, I might need to be more strict and possibly cut out fruit entirely...... What are everybody's thoughts on this? Will having one piece of fruit a day prevent me from losing the last 10 pounds?

About my activity level: I work at a summer camp, so I definitely get a lot of slow moving every day(lots of walking, occasional jumping jacks, etc). I also take martial arts around 2-3 times a week for an hour. Depending on the day, the classes can be very physically challenging or easy.

Also.... This is a side question, but is 77% of calories from fat(out of 1500 cal a day) too much for weight loss? I track what I eat because Im the type of person who easily goes overboard with food.