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    Quote Originally Posted by jakey View Post
    man, it's sad that someone scared you about fruit. it's fucking great. eat it.
    Love this.

    It is fruit season, enjoy it.
    It is always too early to quit.
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    I'd cut back on the bacon.... and enjoy some fruit.

    I eat a lot of bacon, don't get me wrong, but the sodium etc. seems like it would cause some bloat.

    Many, many people have lost weight while still enjoying fruit. I'm not saying eat a pineapple and 5 apples a day, but an orange or two a day isn't likely to be what keeps you from losing. I'd think its more likely that the unmeasured bacon fat in everything is a little more than you think it is. I know CICO is argued here but....

    Or just experiment leaving fruit out.... but here's the deal- lets say it works and you lose your last 10 lbs. Are you OK never eating fruit again? It seems like you should try and lose weight eating the foods that you want to eat in the long run.

    I don't know- I know that for me, to maintain my loss, I need to eat pretty much how I ate while I was losing. I'd rather cut some fat, workout a little more than eliminate a good whole food.

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    Unless you're eating a ton of other carbohydrates most likely your glycogen supply isn't maxed out anyway.
    That reminds me of something else I was wondering... If you have to be somewhere under 50g of carbs for ketosis, then wouldn't I still be in ketosis if I eat only one orange a day?(it has way less than 50 g and I do not eat other carb heavy items.) I'm not obsessed with ketosis, but I have been reading Mark's book and I read that between 50-100g is fast weight loss and under 50g is really fast weight loss. So it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as it is under 100g?

    Are you OK never eating fruit again? It seems like you should try and lose weight eating the foods that you want to eat in the long run.
    You make a really good point here. I definitely NEED my fruit. It's one of the things that I have always loved(even when I eat crappy SAD foods).

    Once again, thank you for the advice.

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