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Thread: I got a bargain.

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    I got a bargain.

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    Just picked up Dr. John Briffa's latest book, Escape the Diet Trap, in a charity shop, for 1.99 (RRP. 12.99.) LMFAO!

    It seems to be a pretty good book. I think it would be a great introduction to paleo/primal diet (lifestyle) for your standard SAD-sack. It covers the basics of the science for adopting Primal and leaving SAD in a few very short chapters/pages; of course, with linked research reference and... That's as far as I've got. It shouldn't take too long to read; it's so user friendly. Escape the Diet Trap: Dr. John Briffa: Books
    All the best!


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    I bought this book because I read another of his books called Waist Disposal. That's aimed at men actually, but it's the clearest, most concise low carb book I've read. So I was disappointed with this one which isn't.

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