Hello gang,

I've been reading the MDA for ao couple of months after being directed here by a fellow stuggling chubby guy I know. I started this year out with an official diagnosis of the dreaded type 2, and am now on daily Metformin doses, along with my Lipitor, which I've been on since my dad's first heart attack 9 years ago. His sixth one finally did him in recently, at the age of 57. Dad's side is dropping like flies from heart-related illmesses.

That being said, I don't like taking these meds. I consider them little handfuls of swallowed failure. In addition, I also take a daily multi, and calcium and D supplements, along with some lifelong mild steroids that should have nothing to do with any of the above.

I told myself that by eating better and trying to find SOME time for exercise, I would only go through one bottle of Metformin (3months). I did well for the most part. I was not "primal" by any means. I went back to South Beach for a while, but cannot control myself woth "some " carbs. I tried Atkins for the first time, and that helped a good bit. I lost nearly 30# in the first 5 months of this year. It is also terribly restrictive, not to mention their tendency to sell you their chemical stick bars and snacks, so it has also failed me.

I've been as primal as I can be in my house lately. I avoid almost all processed carbs and grains, with the occasional splurge when dining out. Even then, I skip the breads and fries and chips, but I like a little cheese and an occassional crust on my meats, you know?

As for "recovering chef," I quit my decent paying chef job right after my diagnosis in January. It was literally killing me to serve up cheap and indulgent foods to the cheap, unhealthy gluttons that was my audience. They loved it all, to be sure, but I couldn't control myself in the back, and I was falling apart medically.

My goal is to get off the first two meds. My question is "if my body is already a year past insulin resistant, can I fix it?" I hear there's no cure for diabetes, but surely it's not late to get back on track?

Hell, I'm only 32.

If you've read this far and can sympathise, please take a minute to drop me a reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.