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Thread: Going Primal w/ highly skeptical wife

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    Lots of good points in this thread.

    When trying to get over my addiction to refined carbs like pasta and cookies, I thought of it in terms of a recovering alcoholic. Can you slowly wean an alcoholic off of the sauce with one drink a day? Everything I've heard and read about it says you have to go cold turkey. You don't reward an alcoholic with a drink after a week of sobriety either, do you?

    The analogy works for me because I view sugar as a drug, plain and simple. I think sometimes you have to take that kind of extreme view to get any results.

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    Thanks all, good advice here as expected. I guess I was a bit misled after reading the carbohydrate curve and seeing that 50-100g was the way to go for weight loss, so I figured a 50g meal and whatever fruits and "passive" carbs would keep us in that range, but it seems the insulin and whatever else is in play here is working against us faster than the lowering of carbs is working for us.

    I'm getting out an Excel spreadsheet and planning out all our meals for the next week to remove the temptation, because we have really bad habits when it comes to pulling something out of the cupboard and microwaving it, or just cooking up some spaghetti. I'm going to pick out a bunch of recipes from the site and try some different things. The bad thing is that there's no Trader Joe's around here (eastern Nebraska), so almond meal and such are really expensive. But even in the wonderful world of meat/veggies/fruits there's enough variety to make things work.

    To answer the other questions she's in the high 170's last I checked, 177 or so, she's 5'3. Not horrific, but we both know the health benefits of being closer to a better weight for her height. I've stopped talking about it in terms of weight though because that's a motivation killer, instead I'm just saying we're going to eat healthy, here are the benefits, etc etc.

    Mia made some good points on that as did the rest of you. Primalchild makes a lot of sense with the viewing sugar/carbs as a drug.. I'm more or less there, but it's really hard to defeat 20+ years of brainwashing and bad habits. It's worth it though, and I'm committed to Grok out. Starting today, no more grains on our plates and bowls! I can't tell you how motivating it is to have such a huge community behind this, it's the whole reason it's successful. Let's keep being loud and proving the science to anyone who will listen, because people deserve better than ignorance-induced obesity.

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    Best thing for both of you is to take the focus off the scale and concentrate on implementing the program. Think of it as a long-term investment instead of a get-rich-quick scheme. You are building a Primal life, which will pay dividends in the end! Patience is rewarded...

    Don't forget, in terms of exercise, that weightlifting/strength training is really good for fat loss! Do a google search for body weight exercises, "the jailhouse workout" or something like that and there's lots your wife can do without putting strain on her ankle. Even just some dumbbells and an upper body routine can make a difference!

    Also, tell her to come here and say hi. Lots of us grokettes around.


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