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    Heart attacks

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    I've been researching a lot latley about how cholesterol is not the cause of heart attacks, it helps prevent heart attacks. There are a lot of sources stating this, but nothing that I can find tells me what DOES cause heart attacks. My guess is inflammation of something. And grains cause inflammation?

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    Too much sugar, omega 6, inflammation and inactivity tend to cause heart attacks.

    If you open someone's bathroom cabinet and see a load of bandages it doesn't necessarily follow that they sustain a lot of injuries.
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    A low carb diet is a low inflammation diet according to Dr John Briffa. I input lots of foodstuffs that I eat on the Inflammation Factor websiteand nothing I eat was more than -10 on a scale that goes down to -200 so looks like he's right.

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    Also, infectious agents may be doing the damage that cholesterol helps to fix:

    Lucas Tafur: Human microbiota and atherosclerosis


    HDL and Immunity | Perfect Health Diet

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