I live in Prince William County, VA. My name is Janelle, and I'm 32. I have a husband and two children who aren't too keen on the Primal lifestyle yet, but I certainly am. I have been trying to do Paleo/Primal for a year, but I was trying to do it with the whole family involved. We tried to do the 30 day challenge but my husband broke down 2 weeks in that he had been *starving*. I'm at least getting my kids GF, low-to-no sugar, and higher vegetable intake.

A few weeks ago I had my wake up call. I had 5 gallbladder attacks within one week. I wasn't following much of anything and I felt kind of paralyzed trying to plan meals that would be primal AND that everyone would eat. So when these gallstone attacks happened I realized I would just have to eat differently myself. A lot of what I read online suggested a very limited diet - basically low-fat vegetarian with some salmon or trout. When I started looking up paleo/primal and gallbladder I was *relieved* to find so many people posting about it. There was even a blog post with scientific studies that high carb increased the incidence of gallstones, another suggesting refined sugar/flour as another culprit, etc.

That's what led me here. I've read, I've dabbled, but I've never really tried to become a part of the community and since I'm going this alone in real life, it'd be nice to have people to read and people to talk to about it. I'm slowly increasing my fat again, it's mostly some flax oil on salads and some olive oil to cook fish or chicken. I've been gluten free, dairy free, and nasty-oil free for the last 3 weeks. I am now increasing that to grain free as I figure out what I am comfortable eating for breakfast (today was smoked salmon and figs). In one study (of over 7000 people) 94% of participants had eggs be a trigger for their attacks so I am SUPER nervous about eating them, though they never were a trigger before so it's just a matter of getting over the anxiety I think.

I am 195 lbs and nursing so I have to play with my carb levels so I don't lose my milk supply. I'm on fitday tracking my daily food intake so I can measure that.