Well here goes, inspired by arty and Siobhan to track this and just put down whatever, hopefully this will be a good way to not be a band-wagoner and really commit to this way of life.

I've been addicted to sugar and starch for as long as I can remember and I now have the joy/curse of being married to one of those naturally skinny people who can eat anything they like and not put pounds on. I've been chubby since I was a kid and after I started full time work in desk jobs (I work in IT) I just resigned myself to being fat and all the health problems that came with it. My dad's eaten himself into diabetes, my mom's had the surgery for her feet due to her weight, both have bad health generally and very, very low fitness. Food for me was a reward, a go-to when bored, sometimes a punishment (as a kid I hated onions and was made to eat a bunch for being obnoxious once!), but mostly a comfort.

Then I met my husband and moved to England (formerly from Utah) and everyone I talked to seemed to be doing some diet or other, slimming world, atkins, weight watchers etc. Tried them all, and they always had some flaw, some key component (usually my self discipline) that made me give them up after a while. My hubby was incredibly patient through all this but I could tell after 3 years of roller-coastering and me saying 'I've been good this week, lets have a cake!' he was ready to throw in the towel.

Then one day he decided he was going to try and gain weight and put on strength by doing the Starting Strength routines, so he did these for a while, and I started to notice a change (i.e. he no longer disappeared when turning sideways, nicely defined shoulders etc). But I was of the 'lifting weights will make me all bulky crazy amazon woman and just put muscle under my fat and I'll be a very amusing sumo-whale' school of thought. It took hubby another 3 months of this and bringing up interesting articles to get me to try weightlifting, and I am a person who honestly hates exercise. Its always made me have a headache, feel exhausted (if I had the energy in the first place), plus always being the fat kid in school never made me like sports terribly much. Running seemed like cruel and unusual punishment, though I did like walking around, hiking, fishing, camping, as long as I could sit down after a few minutes!

So then the hubby said to me, 'Well if you're going to be fat, you may as well have more muscle to carry around your fat so you don't hurt as much'. Goodness dear :P I took it as a challenge though, and having seen some of the amazing transformations from weights by women who look nothing like crazy musclebound amazons, I got really inspired and decided to give it a go. And I loved it!

I've been lifting weights for about 4 months now and though progress is slow, there are some really noticeable benefits. For one, my bum isn't flat (thank you squats) and my knees can go up stairs without creaking and popping in protest. I can now lift heavy things (like my tubby cat --nod to Siobhan!) no bother and I'm proud to say that this last week I can now bench press more than my husband! HAH!

I'm happy with the weights, plus I do a 30 minute circuit every day at work (plus sprinting every few days!) and try to do at least 2 hours on the weekend of something, walking, hiking, gardening, etc. But I noticed that despite the progress with the weights, my physical weight and eating habits remained the same. I knew I needed to make a change and in fairness I was halfway there, low carb, low sugar, high protein and veg, but I needed a plan, a goal, and something to work for. I noted that many of the strength training plans recommended the Paleo diet so I picked up the Primal Blueprint on recommendation and it clicked immediately.

It made sense; it was all about common sense, eating natural, not stressing, and doing good outdoor activities. I've been about 70/30 primal while I get merged into it (I am having a hard time letting go of fruits, and even though they are primal they seem to be where I'm getting my 'sugar carb' fix from). So here goes, hopefully I will have some good before and after pics and more importantly feel great and be healthy!

xx Tachi