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Thread: Edith: one bite at a time

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    Edith: one bite at a time


    I have been pursuing Primal since November 2010. Until now, my main focus has been getting my sleep regulated and energy levels up enough to have the mental and physical energy to really get with the program. I have not been a "good" follower of the path at all. But now, after a couple of weeks in which I have had sufficient energy and focus to get a lot of things done in my life that I haven't done in a long time, I am starting to focus more seriously on the food part.

    Today, I weigh 233. For breakfast, I had two large hambuger patties with mustard. Right now, I am full. Before work, I am going to stop for a couple of good primal snacky things to hold me till lunch which will be salad. My goal is to be basically meat, veg, good fat, no fruit for a week to see where that gets me.

    So, on we go.
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