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Thread: Primal Journal KFDfirefighter28

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    Primal Journal KFDfirefighter28

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    Day 1 - 7/10/12
    5'-10" 230lbs.

    I have been reading PB for about a week now. I am 45 years old and fairly healthy. I take a blood pressure pill daily but no other medications. I just finished my 3rd bout of kidney stones in last 12 months. Over the last few years, I have gradually put on about 25 pounds of fat. I am fairly active, but my eating habits are not good. I am a firefighter and there are ALWAYS sugary treats lying around the station. I am hoping to make this a lifestyle change and not just a diet so here we go.

    B - 1 cup of coffe with a dash of honey

    S - None

    L - 3 eggs w/ ham and a sweet pepper

    S - Raisins, Strawberries

    S - 2 Hamburger patties
    Green Beans
    Cheese Stick

    Drinks - 2 cups coffee with honey (I LOVE COFFEE)
    64 oz. Water

    Activities: Helped a friend move furniture.
    Comfortable 15 minute bike ride.

    Live Long - Drop Dead

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    Day 2

    B - Protein Shake

    S - Grapes, Pistaccios

    L - Hamburger Patty, Salad w/western dressing

    S - Banana

    S - Roast Beef

    S - Sunflower Seeds

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