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    Quote Originally Posted by ElleYang View Post
    some steak strips.
    Steaks on a Plane!

    Might be a movie worth watching.
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    MY PRIMAL: I (try to) follow by-the-book primal as advocated by Mark Sisson, except for whey powder and a bit of cream. I advocate a two-month strict adjustment for newbies. But everybody is different and other need to tweak Primal to their own needs.

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    I fly back and forth from the US to Egypt pretty regular. The leg between Egypt and Europe is only about 4.5 hours, Europe to US is 10 hours or so. This last time, flying British Air, I ordered the gluten free and, as somebody else described it, it was pretty bad. This time I'm flying Luthansia and I'll try thier gluten free, we shall see. I fly business class so overall the food is better than in cattle class.

    Other than that, I usually will try to load up with almonds, etc in the lounge before boarding or bring my own jerky and almonds. I have never had any problems with security with items like that.

    It also helps that I sleep well on the plane so if I decide not to eat, I just sleep through the meal.
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    I've never had good food on a plane, period.

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    On long flights I've tucked a couple of Steve's Original Paelokits in my carryon. Remember to bring napkins, even though they're vacuum packed they can be messy.
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    I am going on a 20 hour trip tomorrow changing three planes. I am planning it as a 30+ hour fast (from dinner the night before, through the trip and until we arrive to the hotel & meet my relatives) to kick start the no exercise routine I will have to adopt on vacations, but I will bring along macadamia nuts as a back up for the airplane.
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