So, it's no secret that both me and my husband have autoimmune issues and fatigue. We've been experimenting with everything under the sun to improve fatigue with no luck. A few weeks ago, he decided to cut out meat for a week, out of desperation, and surprisingly his fatigue went away! He ate 3 eggs every day, yogurt, some cheese, and continued to keep everything else the same - plenty of fruit, rice, potatoes, some gluten-free pasta, some salads.

So far, he has been able to add back about 1/2 pound of meat every other day with no increase in fatigue.

It seems that his fatigue was helped by the overall reduction of meat, but it could be possible that it is due to a specific meat (ex: pork and beef are problematic but rabbit and goat are okay.)

Any research I found linked fatigue with the absence of meat, nothing mentioned fatigued being caused by meat. When I tried the no-meat experiment, my fatigue was unchanged.

Has anyone else noticed an improvement in fatiue with reduced meat consumption?